Liquid Kratom Extract 80% Mitragynine



Our Bulk Liquid Kratom Extract 80% Mitragynine is made from our 80% Mitragynine extract and focused on only the Mitragynine alkaloid and all other sub alkaloids are found in trace amounts. Specifically, the 7-Hydoxymitragynine alkaloid is removed almost completely. Leaving a very energetic alert experience only achieved through high purity. the color and appearance of this is light yellow and very consistent – no settling no particulate.

Our Bulk Liquid Kratom Extract 80% Mitragynine is far superior than an any other liquid on the market today !!

All of our extracts are derived from trees in our plantation deep in the heart of Borneo. Throughout all of the processes all the way to finished packaging the products are all processed in the house. We then use Third-party analytical testing to verify our results. All of our processes and solvents are food grade and leave Zero trace of residual solvents. We guarantee our extracts to be within 2% of the specified percentage.


1 gallon - 39600mg total alks @80% mitragynine = 31,680mg of MIT per gallon
(10.46mg total alkaloids per ml. And 8.37mg mitragynine per ml)

Serving is 5ml

8.37 % is 8.37mg of MIT per ml-

The extract is 80%mitragynine - and 20% total alkaloids

V2-V3-231-20 Labs


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Weight 1 lbs

1/2 Gallon, 4 gallons, Gallon, Pint, Quart

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