Kratomade Kratom Extract

Kratomade Instant Water Soluble Drink Mix – The first Kratom extract to taste good! We removed bitter Kratom taste so you can stop making that Kratom Face.

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Kratomade is made from a 50% Kratom extract along side natural fruit flavorings. Say goodbye to nasty inconsistent Kratom Shots with a mysterious brown liquid, get the same serving, the same feeling, every time. With 24 flavors to choose from you might feel overwhelmed, but there is NO wrong choice. All our flavors have been taste tested by the pros to make sure you get the best experience from every stick. Provides free shipping on all orders, if you haven’t tried it, we want to share this amazing product with you.

Fully Water Soluble Fruit Flavored drink mix, pour into a bottle or glass of water, mix and see results! There are two servings per pack, 3.2g per pack. If this is your first time trying, use 1 gram at a time and scale from there based on your preference. You will never go back to other forms of extract, this is the next level of kratom consumption.

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